[USA] Grand Canyon Series #2: Helicopter ride, boat ride, Skywalk

This post is a continuation of my previous post which talks about my journey from Las Vegas.

The Helicopter Ride

If you are going to the Grand Canyon, taking the helicopter ride is an activity that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I can’t remember how much I paid for the ride, but it was not cheap. However, given that I’ve flown all the way from Hong Kong to the USA, I should definitely give it a go.

I rode the “Golden Eagle", which is quite different from the one I had when I was in Australia viewing the Great Barrier Reef: Passengers do not need to put on a headphone to protect their ears. “Golden Eagle" offers a quieter and smoother flight. (Different types of helicopter available)

This helicopter ride experience feels like entering into the world of Avatar, going into a totally different world! Words are insufficient to express my excitement, but I hope the photos below can help to convey these wonderful feelings and let you experience the power of nature!

1. Taken inside the helicopter – descending into the bottom of the Grand Canyon:

2.  Our helicopter reaching the very bottom/ floor of the Grand Canyon:

You can see the little green hut on the left which acts as a waiting area for helicopter passengers 

The temperature down at the bottom of the Canyon was at least 40 degrees Celsius ( boiling hot!!!), I immediately needed to quench my thirst by drinking a bottle of water.  I felt like I was situated in an oven – mankind is so powerless compared to the power of nature.  I then took the boat ride.

Boat ride

3. Boarding the boat ride: 

4. On the boat – at the bottom of the Canyon:

5. View from inside the helicopter – on the way back up – leaving the world of Avatar!

Reaching ground level
Ground LevelSkywalk


When I got off the helicopter and returned to the real world, I went to the Skywalk. If you are acrophobic, please don’t go on it. Even the floor of the Skywalk is made of glasses, and participant has to wear covers over their shoes.

(Source: Grand Canyon West)

This sums up the end of my journey at the Great Canyon, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Hope you guys enjoy it too!




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