[London] Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition


Designed to take guests on a journey into the creative mind of Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquière, the month-long Series 3 exhibition in London is no doubt a high-tech extravaganza. It spreads across 3 floors and 13 multi-sensory rooms, recreating the magic of the brand’s autumn/winter 2015 womenswear show.

You will be mesmerised by the catwalk show on double-sided screens and the life-like 3D mannequins, not to mention the gorgeous accessories from the latest collection and the giant poster room ideal for selfies.

The exhibition is the third in a series that has toured destinations including Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Beijing, Seoul and Rome. Following its successful launch in London, it is slated to open in Singapore in early November.

Take a peek at Louis Vuitton’s dream factory if you have yet to pay a visit:


Genesis of a Collection – an optical illusion showing the classic LV logo


Genesis of a Collection – a geodesic dome


Artists’ Hands


Infinite Show


Walk-in Wardrobe


Accessories Gallery



The exhibition runs through October 18 and is held at 180 The Strand, WC2R 1EA, adjacent to Somerset House. Opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Book your free ticket here to avoid the line.







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