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An Evening with Charlie Sheen
19 June, 2016

An Evening with Charlie Sheen

One of Hollywood’s most successful stars, Charlie Sheen, will share his passion for acting, producing and writing up close and personal in an on-stage interview with British journalist and TV personality, Piers Morgan, at London’s prestigious Drury Lane Theater on Sunday 19th June.

A very limited number of VIP tickets are now available, which will guarantee you a prime seat, exclusive backstage access and an photo opportunity with Charlie. Get in touch for further information and book your place early to avoid disappointment!

JENN Excursions: British Culture from Different Perspectives with the Duke and Duchess of Somerset
20-22 May, 2016

JENN Excursions

JENN Excursions is a private membership club that fosters unique boutique cultural experiences across the world in the most historically and culturally relevant settings. The inaugural cultural retreat, kindly hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Somerset at their beautiful estate Bradley House n Wiltshire, will be held on 20-22 May, 2016.

LonKonger readers are cordially invited to the private event and will receive an exclusive 30% discount. Please click here for further information and RSVP before 9 May to register your attendance.

LonKonger x Hamlet 秋季文青見面會


由影星Benedict Cumberbatch領銜主演的《哈姆雷特》一年前開售時10萬張門票在幾分鐘內火速售罄,每場都一票難求。不想花£1500向炒家購票?不想每天等待別人退票?莘莘學子有福了!參加LonKonger X Hamlet秋季文青見面會,隨時可以優惠價£36換取10月21日下午場的正廳門票一張(價值£99),觀賞這套莎士比亞神劇。方法十分簡單,只要你:

Sherlock Holmes star, Benedict Cumberbatch, is leading the Barbican Theatre’s eagerly-anticipated production of Hamlet this summer. The tickets completely sold out within minutes last year, but there are still ways of getting to see the Academy Award nominee in his glory. While some second-hand seats are passing hands online for over £1500, LonKonger is offering 3 student tickets in the stalls for the matinee on 21 Oct at a bargain price of £36 each. Simply complete the following steps no later than 11 Oct to be in with a chance of getting the real deal:

  1. 讚好LonKonger的Facebook專頁
    Like our Facebook Page
  2. 讚好並分享這則帖子(從我們的專頁分享出去的公開帖子才算啊!)
    Like and Share this post (Only Public posts shared from our Page will be considered.)

即有機會與LonKonger一睹卷福的風采。名額3個,截止日期為10月11日。To join or not to join, that is out of the question!

Follow the top tips below to stand a better chance of winning.

小貼士 (Tips)

Can’t wait to see Cumberbatch play Hamlet? In addition to Liking us and Sharing our post on Facebook, you can also:

  1. 在這個活動的帖子留言,寫下你想看卷福版《哈姆雷特》的理由
    leave a comment on this post and tell us why you want to watch the show
  2. 邀請更多朋友分享活動帖子
    invite your friends to Share the post and participate in the activity
  3. 在其他平台(如個人博客、微信、Google+等等)分享是次活動
    spread the word on your other social media platforms, e.g. personal blog, Google+, Twitter and WeChat

If you have done (2) or (3), don’t forget to let us know on Facebook or by email (lonkonger@gmail.com).

活動細則 (Rules)

  1. 是次活動將於倫敦時間2015年10月11日23時59分結束,LonKonger會於10月13日或之前以Facebook私訊通知獲選者。
    The activity ends at 23:59 on 11 October 2015, and LonKonger will notify selected participants on Facebook on or before 13 October.
  2. 表演位於倫敦Barbican Centre,於2015年10月21日下午1時半開始,全長(連中場休息)約3小時。
    The performance takes place at Barbican Centre at 13:30 on 21 October 2015. It lasts for around 3 hours (including the interval).
  3. 參加者須為全日制學生,於活動當天出示有效學生証。
    Participants must be full-time students and be able to produce valid student ID on the date of the performance.
  4. 參加者收到通知後須於兩個工作天內將票價﹝£36﹞匯進指定的銀行帳戶,並於活動當天領取門票。如獲選者無法出席是次活動,將不獲退款。
    Selected participants shall transfer £36 to a designated bank account within two business days on receipt of notice. Tickets will be collected on the date of the performance. Any payment made is non-refundable.
  5. 門票只供獲選者本人使用,不得轉售或轉讓。
    Tickets are to be used by selected participants only and shall not be sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of to third parties.
  6. 參加者同意LonKonger擁有於活動過程所拍的照片、影片的一切版權,包括用作正當宣傳用途。
    Participants agree that LonKonger owns the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the videos and graphic materials created by LonKonger on the date of the performance (including any content subsequently created from these materials) and may use them for all legal purposes including but not limited to marketing and promotional use.
  7. 是次為非牟利聯誼活動,門票售價為LonKonger自官方渠道的購入價。
    LonKonger does not make any private commercial gain from the activity and is disposing of the tickets at cost.
  8. 本活動與Facebook無關,並沒有由Facebook贊助、支持或管理。
    This activity is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, nor is Facebook associated with this event in any way.
  9. LonKonger可毋須另行通知修改活動的內容及細則。如有任何爭議,LonKonger保留最終決定權。
    LonKonger may amend the rules of this activity without notice. In case of any disputes, LonKonger reserves the right of final decision.



倫敦伯靈頓拱廊商場 x 海報時尚網八週年推廣合作之抽獎大賽


想免費嬴取英國奢侈品品牌Church’s、LuLu Guinness及 Ladurée 獎品?

2015年8月10日至11月16日期間,前往http://bolingdungonglang.com/最新推广/,填寫個人全名、電郵、個人微信號,並關注倫敦伯靈頓拱廊商場(Burlington Arcade)的微信號(bolingdungonglang),即可參加抽獎遊戲,有機會嬴取價值超過萬元人民幣名貴大禮!

一等獎:價值£325的LuLu Guinness 手袋(3名)

二等獎:英國國寶級優質鞋履品牌Church’s 價值£132的名貴蜥蜴皮男士卡包(2名)







這家於1819年在倫敦皮卡迪利開業並擁有悠久歷史和豐厚內涵的伯靈頓拱廊商場是倫敦的寶藏地,他擁有英國和歐洲最好的奢侈產品,是英國皇室、名流和上層社會最鍾愛的購物街。在這裡,你不僅可以看到香奈兒、拉佩拉、Maison Michel等超奢品牌,還有各式各樣的商品:古董珠寶、手工皮鞋等應有盡有。

為了讓大家更好地認識和深入了解伯靈頓拱廊商場零售業務及進駐的奢侈品牌,最重要是讓中國學生了解並學習一下國際奢侈品牌的背後管理成功因素,與企業家見面,我們特意策劃了一個名為 “One day in Burlington Arcade” 的學生實地考察項目,學生們可以親臨商場聆聽200年不朽的時尚史詩,了解品牌成功的故事。







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