[Hong Kong & China] 5 Fast Facts about Chinese Mitten Crabs(大閘蟹)

1. Chinese mitten crabs are so nicknamed because the “fur" covering their claws resemble mittens. Their scientific name, Eriocheir Sinensis, literally means “wool hand, the Chinese" (www.nhm.ac.uk). They are a speciality of Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces in China.


2. The crabs are steamed with dried perilla leaves and sliced ginger.


3. They are prized for their rich creamy roe! YUMMY!!



4. A dipping sauce made of ginger, sugar and Zhejiang black rice vinegar is traditionally served with the crabs.



5. How to distinguish between males and females? The female has a broad abdomen to protect the eggs while the male has a narrow abdomen.

female crab

male crab

There is actually one more fact – these crabs are DELICIOUS, and we can guarantee you will be addicted to them!



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