[USA] Grand Canyon Series #1: Hoover Dam

During my summer trip to the USA, I went to the Grand Canyon (大峽谷) located in the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a big fissure in the Colorado Plateau (nearly 1500m deep), and is one of the most spectacular and memorable places I have ever visited!

The Grand Canyon: on the left hand side of the photo is the Skywalk.
Map of USA showing Nevada and Arizona (Source: Wikipedia)

My journey began from Las Vegas in Nevada where I stayed overnight. The bus ride took about 4 hours to reach the Grand Canyon. However, it was an interesting journey with lots of things to see along the way!

Firstly, the bus took us to the Hoover Dam, in between Nevada and Arizona border. “Transformers" fans can definitely recognize this place –  this is where one of the scenes was being filmed (Video of the filming of Transformers at Hoover Dam- time code: 0:41:19) ! We were allowed to get off the bus for a toilet break and took pictures of the Dam.

Hoover Dam – where “Transformers" the movie was filmed
Hoover Dam

When the journey continued and as we were getting closer to the Grand Canyon, the surroundings gradually changed from short green desert plants to gigantic cactuses (one of the largest I have ever seen!!).  You can also feel the strong sunlight and the heat.

We finally reached the Grand Canyon after a bumpy ride as the road was full of rocks!
Finally reaching the Grand Canyon

I then had one of the best experiences in my life – riding the helicopter which took me down to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon! More on that? Follow my next post! Stay tuned!6f2cb-cnyracedayimg_0995


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